Monday, August 10, 2009

The 1st day of school

I've got nothing witty to say today. I've been sitting in front of this entry for 20 minutes now & just can't come up with anything.

For now, I'll share pictures.

Chelsea @ 6 months

Chelsea last night

Chelsea was eager for school today. Nervous & excited all at the same time. It took her forever to fall asleep last night & she was the 1st one up this morning. She freaked when she heard a bus drive by and she wasn't even dressed yet. She thought she missed the bus! Thankfully, that was only the elementary school bus & we had NOTHING to worry about. Poor girl couldn't even eat this morning. I did have her eat a bit of cereal without milk, just so she would have SOME food in her belly. Once we got to the bus stop, all was right with the world. A girl from down the block was taking the same bus and so was our next door neighbor. When the bus FINALLY arrived, her fears were history. Should be interesting to hear how her day went.

Justin @ 6 months

Justin last night

Justin - 1st day of 4th grade

Justin, on the other hand, didn't seem to excited. He did decide to go to sleep without a light on in his room - HUGE step for him - and he survived! The morning was uneventful for him; just another day - as you can see by his goofy smile above.

The day cannot go by fast enough for me. I want to hear all about their days. Who's in their class, who they sat with at lunch, what they thought of their teachers so far.

Another school year is in the works!

Many blessings,


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