Wednesday, August 5, 2009



Not sure how, but my mailbox has returned. Even the sheared off post! Someone - the mailbox fairy - put in a new wooden post & attached my mailbox back to it. The old post is sitting in the grass waiting to get thrown away. Who cares - my mailbox is back!!!

You probably think I'm nuts to be THIS excited about a mailbox, but when I went to price out a new (painted) one it learned that they are SUPER expensive. Around $75!! Now I don't have to part with that $$$. :)


I know that this is going to sound silly, but I need to vent!

Last night, while our entire subdivision was sleeping someone came in and destroyed/stole all of the mailboxes. Ripped them out of the ground, bent doors on ones they couldn't actually take out, put one in a tree, moved for sale signs.

To think that someone came near MY home while I slept to do harm scares me. I know, it's only a mailbox, easily replaceable. That's not the point. These people took TIME to do this. We're not talking 5 mailboxes. I would have to say close to 20! And for what? In the name of fun or a silly prank.

Not fun! Not silly!

Time to hit the showers. I'm getting too worked up over this.

Many blessings,

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