Monday, April 26, 2010

A letter to a bully

Dear Bully,

Normally I wouldn't waste my time on words for you because I seriously doubt you would even read them. If you did, you wouldn't even realize that I was talking to you!

I am tired. I am tired of hearing your name in my home. I am tired of conversations about you & the garbage that you put my child through. I am emotionally drained at the thought that there is someone in this world who, for some reason, does not like my child. I am angry!

I am also sad.... sad for you. Sad because of what your life must be like so that you feel better by bullying someone else. Do you not get enough love at home? Is there something that you don't like about yourself? What hurt you must experience each day that you feel it necessary to inflict hurt on others.

Don't hide behind your pain. The one that you bully is the one who would be your friend. They would be the one who would see the good in you & help you learn to see the good in yourself.

I'm not saying my child is perfect. Hardly.... but my child has a heart, just like you, and it breaks, just like yours does. I ask you to stop & think before you bully. Why make someone else's life miserable just because you are miserable. Get help!

The school year is almost over. You would think that I would get used to hearing your name so frequently. But I don't... I cringe when I hear it because I know that somehow my child has experienced turmoil at your hands.

I'm praying for you... that's all I can do.

Many blessings,
A tired mom


Grace Wheeler said...

:( I hope the bully *does* somehow read this...your momma heart is so beautiful! Don't grow weary in doing good...lavish love on your sweet kiddos and the Lord will restore and heal!

Michelle said...

How old are the children involved?
I ask because I want to share a story with you if they are the age I think they are.