Thursday, April 8, 2010

I am an addict

I went to a new meeting the other night. Well, new to me. But I heard the most profound thing.

I am an addict.

Crazy when you think about it, but it's SO true. Just like a drug addict is addicted to drugs & an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol, I am a compulsive over-eater addicted to food. Food is my addiction.

Food addicts hit rock bottom too. Our addiction affects our friends & family just like any other addict. But being a food addict isn't as recognized as other addictions are.

Watching Dr. Phil yesterday, the topic was The Ultimate Fat Debate. Is there such a thing as a healthy overweight person? The only person who made ANY sense to me was Kelly Osborne. Yes - Ozzy's daughter. She came right out and said that some people have the drive & determination to lose weight, but can't because it's an addiction. It's a mental thing. That is SO true.

I so desperately want to lose weight. I don't want to be this size anymore. I don't want young kids to ask their parents why I'm so fat anymore. I don't want to gasp for air as I walk up stairs. I know that Weight Watchers works.... and I can change my lifestyle all I want. But I need to change my BRAIN before I can make any other LASTING changes. I need to deal with the mental garbage.

Am I saying that ALL overweight people struggle with a mental thing? Not at all. There isn't ONE answer for ALL people. We all have our own issues. What I am saying is that more & more people DO struggle with their weight because of life issues. It's not about self-control.

So, I am here to say that I am an addict. You are a part of my journey to beat my addiction. There is NO cure; no magical pill or diet. There is only abstinence. It's a day to day thing. Each day brings a new issue. I ask for understanding as I battle this. Because it is a BATTLE.

Thank you for being a part of this.

Many blessings,

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Elizabeth said...

I am right here with you...and I totally understand!