Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's almost time..

I can't believe it's here! This weekend is the woman's retreat in Kure Beach, NC. Granted, it's a 7 hour drive, but I'm heading there with some WONDERFUL friends... picture Thelma, Louise & 2 extra friends - except I do NOT plan on driving off a cliff; no convertible either - minivan.

I'd love to say that my bags are packed & I am ready to go. Hahahaha!! That would be a false statement - a VERY false statement. I have a vague idea of what I need to pack & still need to make a run to Wally World for provisions. I'll get there... need to get the ball rolling.

I'm scheduled to speak on Saturday night - last session of the retreat! My 'words' have been written for months now, I just need to say them. I'll admit, I struggled with it. It's a church retreat so I thought I needed to have biblical references and whatnot. Then I remembered, it's all about MY story & how God has worked in my life. HE will do all the work. I'll just be His vessel.

My sponsor is concerned about me... rightfully so. I'm sure there will be a ton of junk food to snack on. Being that I will be vulnerable, especially after telling my story, I run the risk of wanting to binge. I have to have faith & trust that God will see me through this. One of the best things that I have going for me this weekend - besides God - is having my friends with me. They'll be my earthly support. Plus, I have all of you praying for me this weekend.

I plan on taking a TON of pictures, so I'll do what I can to share when I get back. I won't be able to blog while I'm gone, but I will Tweet quite regularly - so make sure you sign up to follow my Tweets.

Last night was a tough one for me. I'm on call for the rape crisis center. I got a call.. which triggered a need to binge.

3/25/10 Thankful list

~ I recognized the desire to binge
~ I did NOT succumb to that desire
~ I immediately told my husband of my desire to want to binge.
~ I picked up some knitting instead.

Many blessings,

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Elizabeth said...

Have a wonderful time this weekend! Wish I could have come along... it would have been fun getting to know each other more...
I will be praying for you... for your speaking time as well as your temptation after.
Praise the Lord for the strength to not succumb after the call you received!