Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's been a great day!

I had a slow start to the day. I volunteered at my son's school this morning, helping out my husband's co-teacher with some work. I was hoping to get there at 9, but got there at 10 instead. At least I made it.

While I was there, I was blessed with an opportunity to get together with some of my small group girls. Four of them attend the same school so it made lunch easier. What fun!! Hannah, Kaylee, Madison & Olivia are great! They brought their friend, Tiana, too - whom I've met once before. The girls are so sweet with such fun personalities. I am so happy that I had this opportunity outside of Sunday morning to see them. Seeing them in their "natural" element was fun. BTW, we do NOT recommend gluten-free, no sugar-added chocolate pudding - unless of course you plan on adding marinara sauce, lettuce & pears.

Overall, it's been a wonderful day!

3/17/10 thankful list

1. My seriously funny small group girls.
2. Phone calls from new friends.
3. A chance to help a teacher.

Craig's at baseball with Justin tonight - GO MARLINS! Chelsea & I are about to head out to dinner (I'm gonna sneak in a trip to Wal-Mart & the new library too).

Many blessings,

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