Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The state of our country

As I sit here, waiting for President Obama to come on TV and talk about our economy, I learned that not only will Craig & his fellow teachers NOT be getting a pay raise next year (not all that shocking), but they will be taking a pay cut!

Cutting the pay of TEACHERS while these fat-cat morons on Wall Street get a bailout from our illustrious el Presidente. NICE. Want to know why this country has such problems... the wrong people are making all the money!

Teachers deserve a LOT more than they get paid - heck, they deserve even more of our respect than they actually get. Yet, here we are, 2009, and instead of them being paid what they're worth, they're having money taken AWAY and class sizes enlarged.

Want to know why our education system sucks? Because they get treated like garbage!! 2nd class citizens...

I pray that Obama wakes up and rethinks this $13/week increase for us and starts throwing MORE money into education. Our children are the future of this country - without education, we won't have much of a future.

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