Thursday, February 5, 2009

Words of a soldier

Damn Scared
written 2/4/09

So young I was when I took the call
To honor my country and give my all.

They ran me ‘round and trained me hard
Just to qualify to be sent afar.

Strange people, strange time, strange smells, strange land
And it was so damn hot and no chance for a fan.

Days go by so mundane so blank
But ever had to be aware the enemy’s pranks.

Had to look ahead, look down, all around
So tricky were the pranks and so hard to be found.

A crack, a pop, and then confusing clatter
The longer I’ve been exposed the more I knew what was the matter.

Bodies falling, bodies flying chucks of meat and matter here and there
The cracking and popping in my ears all added to the fear.

It seemed so long ago was my youth
Snowball fights, skipping school and girls I'd pursue.

Here I crawl in the dirt and the weeds
Just trying to keep myself from being seen.

I did what I had to do and I say that with pride
But it cost me so much and what I lost makes me cry.

And years gone by and how well I faired
But I tell you straight up, I was God damn scared.

This poem could have been written by any number of our American soldiers, however it was written by someone very special to me - my father, Robert.

You see, my father's enlisted in the Army during the VietNam war. He served 2 tours. I can only imagine the horror that he saw over there. His experience has shaped my life - not for the good unfortunately. It has only been in the last few years that he has begun opening up a little more about his tours.
He read me this poem over the phone & I could hear him crying. It warmed my heart to know that he was sharing with me, yet broke it knowing how he's carried this pain for so long.
Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with war, we must support our troops. They are doing the job that WE are not willing to do.
Many blessings,

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