Monday, February 16, 2009

Not sure how I feel

My heart is broken.

Last week, the big news at the Grammy's wasn't really about who won, it was more about who didn't show and why.

You see, two young performers were scheduled to be at the Grammy's and I THINK they were supposed to perform together however they didn't go. Later, we learned that there was an incident. Chris Brown either threatened or actually hit Rhianna. These are young adults at the height of their careers.

We'll probably never learn the full story of what occurred, especially since the media is playing it by so many different angles. Yet I am saddened by what this young woman has gone through. Saddened that yet another woman had to endure abuse. However, this high profile case COULD bring awareness to a rapidly growing problem that our society faces.

I pray for those involved, that they get the help that they need. I also pray that our teens take heed to this story and realize the potential danger that they could be in.

Many blessings,

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