Sunday, February 8, 2009

I watched the Grammy's....

....and hated it!

Ok, I'll admit, I DID love seeing the Jo Bros. jamming with Stevie Wonder. They were great! The announcement of Blink 182 reuniting is very cool. But listening to a young girl being PRAISED for being bi-curious & then singing a song about it while dressed like she should be dancing at Moulin Rouge crossed the line!

This is the music that our kids are listening to Moms!!! With lyrics like: "I kissed a girl & I liked it", "Oh You're a Womanizer Baby" and whatnot. Our young girls are looking up to these singers for inspiration & with adoration. What happened to young girls wanting to be like their mom when they grew up? Now they want to bare it all (or most of it), jiggling their butts on stage, singing about crap.

Purity is a joke on Mtv. A punchline to a joke. Modesty is none existent. Even the other day I read a statistic that said 75% of adults will have at LEAST 13 sexual partners before they settle down! No wonder! We've got music & people constantly encouraging our kids.

I'm angered & disgusted! The innocence of childhood is quickly fading... society is making them grow up too fast. Become little adults. Yet I feel helpless. I am only responsible for my own children, but I hate that there are SO many other kids that are suseptible to this garbage. (I'm starting to sound like my father - UGH).

I pray for each of you that you hold strong to your values as you go against what society teaches as the 'norm'.

Many blessings,

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