Thursday, February 19, 2009

Calling all parents

I grew up in an abusive family. Let's face it - there was abuse. No physical abuse, but sometimes I think that the mental/emotional leaves the worst scars. Thankfully, things have come full circle for me & my family. I've broken the cycle of abuse. Yet tonight I met a dad who brought it all flooding back

We were at baseball practice tonight... I noticed him at our 1st practice, he made a comment about his 'fat' son. Have I mentioned that these boys are only 7 & 8 years old? But tonight - tonight I had to show restraint. He had the nerve to tell me that he calls his son 'fat' at least 3 times a day. That his son LIKES it! Then to get his son ready to play, he throws a ball at his face. His son isn't fat. He's a short 7 year old boy who has yet to have a growth spurt. And to throw a ball at his face - disgusting!!

I wanted to jump down this guy's throat for the way he's treating his son. He's breaking his spirit. This poor little guy is going to grow up with such a complex. All because his father is trying to 'make him a man'.

Here's a hint - THAT crap does not make anyone a man. In fact, it makes you look like a jackass and it makes your child look like a victim.

We are called to LOVE our children... last I checked, mentally abusing them does not equal love.

As much as I am excited to watch Jusitn play baseball this season, I am NOT looking forward to having to deal with this father. It's going to take everything I have to NOT say something to him. I know it's not my place, but someone has to stand up for this kid. Grrr....

Many blessings,

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