Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jon & Kate plus WAY too many....

(way too many is referring to the media, not the number of children they have).

I should be the last person to talk about another couple's marriage, since mine is far from perfect, but since they've decided to put their lives on TV for the world to see here I go.

Unless you live under a rock (or in a cave), you've heard about the TLC show 'John & Kate plus 8'. This show follows a husband and wife & their EIGHT children (twins & sextuplets). While I LOVE some reality shows (American Idol, Survivor) I am not a huge fan of any that involve 'pimping' another family (Jon & Kate, 18 & counting, etc).

This show is supposed to be about a typical American family trying to raise their 8 children, but there is NOTHING typical about this family. First of all, they have EIGHT children (2 sets of multiples). Next, they seem to not have to work - this show is their cash cow. I guess Jon used to work, but doesn't any longer. Finally, they manage to get a slew of vacations & freebies (b-day party for the twins at American Girl in NYC). Doesn't happen for me!!

Rcently, there has been a HUGE media frenzy over Jon & Kate's marriage. Who's cheating on who; who spends more time at home while the other is out & about. Typical stuff that happens yet this family has the unfortunate 'luck' of living their lives in the public eye. Life is anything BUT typical for these kids. They've got cameras following their every move; showing every argument their parents have.

My heart breaks for this family... they're about to start their newest season. They should be focusing more on making this marriage work instead of continuing to 'expose' their family to the circus that is the American media.

As much as I would love to sit & criticize Jon & Kate, I think I'll just lift them up in prayer. I pray that they realize their mistakes & take the time to work on their marriage. Not just because they made those vows, but because of the 8 beautiful children that they have brought into this world as a couple. Jon & Kate ~ if you read this: focus on your family!!! Step away from the media and regroup as a couple.

Many blessings,

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