Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The waiting game...

They say that breaking up is hard to do... I'd have to disagree. Waiting for the death of a loved one is worse. I know, that's a morbid thought.. I'm not talking about doom & gloom, constantly thinking that someone is going to die. I'm talking about having a very sick family member & knowing they're dying and just waiting for the phone call. It's not that you want them to die, you just want them to go quickly & painlessly.

We're in that situation with my husband's paternal grandfather, Bud. Bud has lived an amazing 92 year life. One that any man should be proud of. He fought during WWII, was stuck at sea after his ship was torpedoed off the coast of Cuba. He has been a volunteer fire fighter for YEARS - his son & grandson followed in his footsteps.

His health is rapidly declining. He is refusing to eat or drink & dementia is setting in (though there are lucid moments). All in all, we're just waiting for that call. We've said our goodbyes & told him that we'll be ok; that if he needs to go then he should go.

We pray that God calls him home without further suffering. We know that it is all in God's time. We're just hoping that God's time is rather quick.

Please join our family in lifting Bud up in prayer. That God is with him and gives him peace.

Many blessings,

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