Saturday, February 21, 2015

Allie's Rules - 8 thru 11

I've actually enjoyed reviewing Allie's list & seeing how it could have impacted my life. It saddens me that young Allison endured so much hurt. Yet I know that those events, while traumatic & hurtful, molded me into the woman I am today.

8. If your girls gets broken up with, go buy her a stuffed animal, a blanket, candy, and lots and lots of ice cream. (Other gifts are acceptable.)

When your heart gets broken you feel as if you are all alone. Remember, you thought that this person loved you. Chances are you thought it was going to be forever. Same goes for your girlfriend. Be there for her. Let her know that you are a shoulder to cry on. Someone she can count on.

Don't know what to say? Sometimes you don't have to say anything. Just know there is someone there to help pick her up when she's down is all that is needed. Knowing she isn't going through this hurt alone.

9. Pray, PRAY, PRAY! Don't ever forget how much you need God.

10. Have a quiet time. It may seem like a hassle, but it will help you stay close to God.

Again, I'm combining two. Prayer & quiet time also go hand in hand. God wants nothing more than to have a relationship with you. He loves you. He GAVE His Son for YOU!

Things are going good in your life - PRAY prayers of thanksgiving.
Things are rough in your life - PRAY prayers asking God's will be done.

No matter what you are going through in life, pray. Prayer is simply communication between you and God. Talk to Him the way you would talk to a friend. He wants to hear from you. That's where an established quiet time comes in.

Now if I'm honest - and I try to be - I struggle with quiet time. The thought of me sitting still makes my mind go numb. If I'm sitting still, I want to be sleeping. I need to find a place that instills a calming sense of peace so that I can focus. Heck - I've seriously considered my bedroom closet. But I know that quiet time will draw me close to Him. It's in those moments - moments of being still - that I feel closest to God.

Give your first moments of your day. Give your last moments of your day. Whenever it is, take those moments and give them to God. He deserves them - I'm reading that myself and will commit to you that I will make an effort too.

11. Be nice to your parents. They love you and want the best for you, so if you disagree with them, just realize they are a lot smarter than you... sorry about that.

As a mother, I can tell you that I want nothing but the best for my children. I don't want them to suffer or endure any of the heartache that I went through. As a parent, I sometimes have to make tough decisions. My parents had to make those tough decisions too. Looking back - it wasn't because they were trying to be mean or trying to make sure I didn't have any fun. They were looking out of me and guiding me so that I wouldn't get hurt.

How did mom & dad become smarter than you? Because they are older than you. They have lived a number of years longer than you. Which means they have experienced a lot of similar things that you have. They may not have made the same mistakes, but I can guarantee they know someone who did. They saw the pain that person endured. It's their way of protecting you. At some point, you will see that its all out of love.

I know. It's not easy. It's difficult to go against what your friends are doing. You will stand out. Guarding your heart is so important. Once it's broken, it is forever broken. It can be repaired, but those cracks will always be there.

Think of it this way:

Take a piece of paper. Completely smooth, right? That is your heart.
Now crumple up the paper into a ball. That is your heart once you've been hurt.
Now smooth the paper out again. Does it work? Nope - there are still wrinkles. That is your heart once it has been hurt. Sure- it's still a whole piece of paper, but you can see the damage that has been done.

Many blessings,

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