Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mary or Martha??

Insecurity sneaks up on me every so often. Probably more often than I want it to. Unfortunately, when I'm too busy focusing on 'self', I become absorbed with 'self'. I lose sight as to what's important.

And what is important??

I need to be more like Mary -- less like Martha.

Mary? Martha? What am I talking about?

You know; the 2 sisters of Lazarus. Before Lazarus' death, Jesus & his disciples visited. Martha was working up a storm. Cooking, cleaning, organizing.. Mary was no where to be found. Well, she wasn't exactly no where. Instead of taking part in the busyness of the visit, Mary simply sat at the feet of our Savior and listened. Absorbed what he was saying. Which, of course, upset Martha. Who, in turn, pointed it out to Jesus. Jesus then lovingly chastised Martha, saying that Mary had chosen the better part.

Although I am not much of a Martha at home, I do think I am a lot like her. I certainly get caught up in the busyness of my life. Wife, mother, full time dispatcher, middle school small group leader, adult couples small group leader. So many hats; so many places to be; so many Allison's to be.

It's when I focus on being 'Martha' that I lose sight of what is right in my life. I worry to much about the world around me. Striving to be everything to everyone, I forget the most important person -- God.

I need to stop seeking the approval of those around me - even though I love most of them dearly -- and simply focus on the love & acceptance of my Heavenly Father. I can find rest and comfort in Him. Best of all, I can find unending acceptance that I long so much from my friends & family.

My prayer this week is that I learn to be more like Mary. To rest in His words. To be wrapped in His love and peace.

Many blessings,

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Epic said...

In my house growing up I was definitely the Martha and my fun loving younger sister was the Mary. As an adult, I'm striving to embody a little bit of both Mary and Martha in me, but our Lord knows it's not easy! :)