Monday, March 12, 2012

Just another whisper

God never ceases to amaze me! I just need to take the time to see what He's got planned.

Tonight at work, I was talking with a co-worker. I can't even remember how we got on the subject, but I started telling her about the ministry I'm trying to get off the ground, Mending Hearts. I just laid it all out there. BAM! All guts on the table.

That's when she shared with me HER whisper that God laid on her heart. We sat just talking about how God showed us the end result - where He wants the ministries to go. How we both weren't sure just how to get these ideas off the ground. She's definitely put in a little more leg work than I have. But it was great to chat with someone who is going through something.... God's whisper.

We started talking about applying for non-profit status, mission statements, board of directors. Who knew I would need a board of directors!!! That's a big undertaking. But I am SO excited to take that next baby step.

You just never know who God is going to place in your life and for what reason.

Yet another whisper from God, this time out of the mouth of a co-worker.

Many blessings,

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