Friday, March 16, 2012

Thrown for a loop

I am at a loss.... I really don't know what to do. I'm trying not to let this get me down; discourage me. But now I'm just not so sure. What if I heard God wrong? Could that even happen?

I've been talking about this ministry for a while now... Mending Hearts. It's been on my heart for a while. God's been whispering to me about it. I took the 1st few steps to get it started... Only to come to a crashing halt!!

Why am I halting? What could possibly have happened?

There's another ministry out there doing the same thing. I'm not naive enough to think I was the 1st one with this idea. Not at all... but it seems to be such a successful ministry - would there be 'room' for Mending Hearts?

Now I'm just not sure. Maybe I heard Him wrong. Maybe there's something else I should be doing? Maybe it was more about me and not really about Him?

I'm not sure what to do.... first thing, hit my knees in prayer. I know there's an answer. I just need to still myself to hear Him.

Many blessings,


BARBIE said...

I think you should go for it. If this is a dream that God put in your heart, He will need you to fulfill it. There may be another similar ministry, but only you can tell your story. It's sort of like blogging. There are a lot of bloggers writing about the same thing, but no two tell about it the same way. I hope you will be encouraged and continue with what you feel God has led you to do.

Christa said...

Do not allow the negative thoughts to darken a place where your light should be shining. You have a gift and your words may hit home to a different audience that need to hear it in the form that it comes from God to you. Just as not all preachers are the same. Sure you can go and hear what you need to hear from a minister, but perhaps the same sermon topic delivered from one minister will be a different flavor than another minister teaching the same sermon that appeals to you more. If it is in your heart, it's there for a reason, someone out there needs to hear it in your words and from your heart. Shine your light my sister!