Thursday, April 19, 2012

Life update

Life has been as hectic as ever. Between The Mayor, the kids, work. I've been on my toes.

It's a busy season right now. Spring is here, which means the beginning of baseball season for Slugger. Work is crazy busy - lots of overtime. Trying to do everything in leaves me overwhelmed and blessed.

The Mayor - school's coming to a close for him. CRCT is here. Then its just 6 weeks before summer vacation. I'd like to say he'll relax, but that's not his style. He'll find something to occupy him. I know he's struggling with questions - where is God leading him. I wish I had the answers for him. Truth of the matter is, only God has the answers. In HIS time all will be revealed. In the meantime, my prayer is that The Mayor can just enjoy the moment.

Songbird - the end of 8th grade is upon us. So many things going on in her life right now. A dance, a trip to Savannah, saying goodbye to her middle school small group, getting ready to meet her high school small group, trip to Panama City Beach. Wonderful things are on the horizon for this precious child of God. Though she struggles with  her place in this world, God continues to place people in her life that help her take the next step. As sad as I am to see this chapter of her life come to a close, I am SO excited to see what lies ahead. What God has planned. Each day, a new page of His story is written on her heart. Her part of His story. I am blessed to be along for the ride.

Slugger - we're coming to the end of his 1st year in middle school. He too is finding his place in life. He's found new passions this year. Sign language club is new. Amazing to see life come full circle. It was at his age that I was engrossed with sign language; contemplating a career in teaching the deaf, mute & blind. Music is a part of his life too. Being in the band has given him a new purpose. He loves music. Getting him to practice is easy. As I said, baseball is upon us. He's having the time of his life. I am amazed at this child. He'll always be my baby, but he's turning into a wonderful young man. God has great things in store for him. Again, I am blessed to be along for the ride.

I turned 40 earlier this week. Nothing monumental. It was a wonderful weekend. Yet another reminder of just how loved I truly am; not just by my friends & family but by Heavenly Father.

I feel something big on the horizon. Not really sure what it is. Part of me is scared, but then there's that other part of me that can't wait what God is bringing us. I pray for strength, wisdom & guidance as He makes His plan clear.

I am content. Some people don't like content. They think that it means life is stagnant. I don't. I think it means I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I am where God wants me to be.

Many blessings,

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