Monday, April 30, 2012

Renewed & refreshed

I just got back from a wonderful weekend in Kure Beach, NC at a Women's retreat with the Sista Herd. God introduced me to this beautiful group of women in 2010. Since then, God has continued to use them in my life to speak truth and love.

This weekend was no different. Listening to these women tell their stories just strengthened my resolve to get Mending Hearts off the ground. There are so many hurting women in this world who need to know that they are truly more than their past.

The speakers spoke and God was giving me His own message for me. He brought to mind some women of the Bible that are often overlooked. THOSE are the women I want to focus on. They were all the 'bottom' of society. Two remain nameless. Yet these women were each given a gift and God used them for a greater purpose.

This weekend renewed a friendship that had been neglected.

This weekend gave me that rejuvenated strength and peace. I feel so at home. So at peace. And yet so energized.

Still not sure how & where to start with Mending Hearts, but I need to stop dragging my feet.

Many blessings,

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