Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thinking out loud

Usually only my husband is privileged to experience my 'thinking out loud'. Today YOU get the experience.

I just read an article on Yahoo about a new TV show called "Mike & Molly".

The premise of this show is 2 adults who find romance at their local Overeaters Anonymous meeting.

As a plus-sized woman, I guess I should be happy that there is yet another show about plus-sized people. All too often Hollywood portrays 'beautiful' as a stick-figured woman with plastic lips, boobs, butt. However, as someone who actively participates in OA meetings, I fear that this show is going to do more harm than good.

How can that be? Am I just freaking out about my own insecurities?

I'd love to think that a show like this would call attention to the growing problem of food addiction. People will flock to the OA rooms in hopes of finding help. Instead, I fear that OA is just going to become another 'meat market' for those who are in the market for a 'fatty'.

Overeaters Anonymous is for ALL eating disorders; food addiction, bulimia, anorexia, obesity.

Yes, I am open about my struggles with food, but not everyone is. For some people, the OA meeting is the ONLY place they can openly talk about their battle with this disease. Will the OA meetings remain a safe place?

Who am I to decide if someone attending an OA meeting is genuine? Still scares the crap out of me. I feel vulnerable. Almost as if I'll be exposed. Yet I openly talk about my issues here... but that's on MY terms. Is that what this fear is all about?

I just don't know... I won't boycott the show (just yet). I want to watch it & see what its really about before I weigh in more. Right now, I'm just addressing my insecurities.

Many blessings,

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