Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today I met my hero

Not exactly today... actually it was this past Sunday. Either way, I got to meet one of my heroes. Maybe I should say THREE of my hereos.

They aren't famous or rich. They're not well known. But they are heroes nonetheless.

I got to meet Chayton!

I've been following Chayton's story for quite a while now. I want to say at least a year, but I really do think it's longer. Doesn't matter. What matters is that I got to meet him & his mom and dad.

Chayton is a beautiful little boy full of life who is battling brain cancer for the 2nd time in his young life (did I mention that he's only in kindergarten). You can catch up on his story HERE.

Meeting Chayton & his parents was outstanding. Seriously, for me it was like meeting a superstar or a president. Here was this family that I've only known online. Mom shares her son's progress, but she also shares the deep, raw emotions that she's going through. To finally put a face with the story - it touched my heart.

Not knowing what to say or do, I quietly leaned over to mom and said 'I've been following Chayton's story & have been praying for your family'. All she said was 'WOW'. I wasn't expecting a thank you or an invite to coffee.. I just wanted her to know that her son is loved by complete strangers and they are prayed for, even when they think no one is.

What's it like to meet a hero? It makes you want to go out into the world & conquer all of the bad.

Many blessings,

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