Thursday, April 23, 2009

My mentors

Some of my favorite mentors are people I don't even know. I FEEL like I know them. I've been following their 'stories' for quite some time, but I have never actually met any of them IRL. Wait - I lie. I did meet one.

Anyway, these 3 women have shown me what faith in God is. They have each undergone such heartwrenching situations with their children, yet managed to keep their faith in God. Don't get me wrong - they've asked the 'Why Me' question. But what I love about these women is that not only are they will to share their stories with strangers, but they are also transparent. They are honest about how they are feeling.

A lot of people expect Christians to always be 'Happy'. That no matter what life throws our way, we never get upset or angry or question the 'why'. That couldn't be further from the truth. We all do at some point. The difference is that we have faith in a God that is SO much bigger than what's come our way. That our God is faithful & His will is always done. We rest in the knowledge that HE is in control.

I'll introduce my mentors:

Angie Smith - Angie tells the story of her sweet daughter, Audrey Caroline. Audrey's very short life has brought hope to so many. The story is remarkable. Through it all, Angie keeps her love for her Savior in the forefront of her life.

MckMama - Talk about a miracle! Her youngest child was given a death sentence while still in-utero. The family gave the situation over to God. Now Stellan has a world following his story. While he was born healthy, lately he's been battling a heart condition. MckMama's faith is inspiring.

Michelle - Michelle is telling the story of her sweet boy, Chayton, and his battle with cancer. He's a young man who has battled this TWICE in his short life. Michelle's site is mainly to update family & friends on his condition, but it has become a real testimony of her faith.

These three women chronicle their lives via online. What started out for just friends & family soon became SO much more than that. Each has their own ministry by way of their sites. I am just one person who has been touched by the lives of these 3 strangers. They inspire me. Their stories renew my faith in a loving God.

I hope you take the time to check these ladies out. I promise, you will see such a love of family & God through them.

Many blessings,

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