Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A girl with a mission

Songbird returned from her mission trip to Mexico this past Saturday. I'll admit, I was crying as soon as I saw her coming out of that terminal. I missed her so much.

She's been home for about 3 days now. We've only gotten snippets of her journey. I'd love to say she took amazing pictures of her time there, but unless you want to see her wrinkled toes, a pile of cookies or goofy pictures of her teammates, you'll have to use your imagination. Lord knows I've had to.

She came back tired - manual labor & changing time zones will do that to you. Yet she also came back with a renewed faith. She loved serving. She can't wait to go back next year and serve again. She was amazed at the progress that was made in the short time she was there and cannot wait to see what is accomplished in the coming year.

I just love her servant's heart. I'd love to say that she gets it from us (and it may), but I know that its truly a gift from God. God put it on her heart to serve. He put it on her heart to go back.

As the days go by, I hope to learn more about what she experienced. In the meantime, I am blessed knowing that she has decided to follow Christ's example and make fishers of men at such a young age. I only wish I was that obedient at her age.

Many blessings,

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