Friday, June 28, 2013

Farewell to a friend

Today I write with a heavy heart. Our family mourns the loss of a wonderful man, a friend to many, a mentor to all, a father, a husband, a child of God.

To many, Kevin Jackson was the man behind the scenes. But he was SO much more than that.

Kevin & his beautiful wife, Jana, had a vision. A dream. To create a mentor-ship program in the fine arts. God came through and thus Cue52 was born.

After having private vocal lessons, it was recommended that Songbird join the students of Cue. In the past 2 years, Songbird has blossomed into a wonderful talent on stage. She always had the singing ability, now she has the stage presence to go along with it.

Kevin & Jana have been more than just program directors. Their influences have entered into multiple areas of our lives. Music, church, family, marriage.

A few weeks ago, Kevin was mowing the lawn. He came inside because he was having a headache. He collapsed & rushed to the ER. From there, he was Life Flighted to another hospital..Diagnosis: brain aneurysm.

Unfortunately, today the decision was made to remove the respirator.

I cannot begin to imagine what a tough decision that must of been for all involved.

My heart is broken for this family. The loss of a father. The loss of a husband.

While I know that Kevin has received the ultimate healing, those of us left behind will miss him greatly.

To those who mourn this loss, I leave these words.

Many blessings,

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