Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ho hum...

We're back into the swing of things.... The Mayor is back to work. Songbird & Slugger are back to school.

Songbird has begun her final year of middle school. 8th grade. I just can't believe it. She's really turning into a beautiful young woman. I see so much in store for her this year. I believe that this is when she'll find herself... her niche in this world

As for Slugger, he's started his FIRST year of middle school. 6th grade.. My baby is no longer a baby. He's become a young man. He's opted to join band this year. Not sure what instrument just yet, but his goal is to be a part of the Jazz Ensemble in 7th and 8th grade. I'll let you know how that goes.

For me, work is going great. Still have a lot to learn. Training is going slower than I want, but I am blessed beyond belief to have this job. I feel like I have a purpose in life. That my job is no longer just a JOB, but something I enjoy doing. Granted, I work 12 hour days - I actually look forward to going to work.

How are things on the home front?

In the words of Tony the Tiger - THEY'RE GREAT!

The Mayor and I are really committed to make this marriage work. And that means BOTH of us need to work at it. Communication is key. While we're probably not communicating as much as we SHOULD be, we certainly are communicating more than we had been.

Well, Pablo the beast just started barking which means the house is about to be invaded!

Many blessings,

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