Thursday, August 18, 2011

No regrets...

When I would talk to people, I would often say that I had no regrets. That the troubles I've been through throughout my life were merely lessons that I've learned from. Part of that statement is true.

It wasn't until a friend spoke at church one Sunday talking about regrets that I had a change in mindset. You see, the troubles I've been through were mistakes. Mistakes that either I made or someone else made. God doesn't want to see us hurt or suffer. However, its through those mistakes that we can take away lessons.

I do have regrets. More than I'd like to share in a public blog at this point in time. It's how I respond to those regrets that matters.

I can choose to wallow in my regret, never moving forward in life. Always looking back saying 'I wish I didn't do that'.


I can say 'Man, what a stupid mistake' and share that story in hopes that someone else doesn't make that same mistake.

Do I have regrets in life? You bet.... but I'm going to take those regrets and turn them into something great.

What will you do with YOUR regrets?

Many blessings,

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