Friday, June 18, 2010


Many of you have been following me for quite some time. Occasionally, I'll post pictures of my off-spring, but RARELY will I post a picture of myself. Why? Because I'm usually the one BEHIND the camera (and I kind of like it that way)

My online friend though I hope to meet her one day in real life, Lynnette challenged her readers to post pictures of themselves being themselves. Well, being that I'm usually behind the camera, I don't have any really goofy pictures to show you. But I can assure you, those that actually know me can attest that I am GOOFY!!!

So, I present to you, my family!

Me & the "mayor"

Our princess

The boy

As for an update, things have been going pretty well. My in-laws have come & gone. It was a nice visit. The kids had a blast with them. Not that Craig & I didn't, but let's face it, the in-laws come to visit the grandkids!

Having people visit is usually very stressful for me. I want to be the perfect hostess, then I wind up not doing ANY hostessing because it's too overwhelming for me. I did maintain my abstinence while my in-laws were in town though. It was tough - I won't lie. I had to have some snacks hidden because they were just TOO tempting. I am blessed that I have family & friends who are so supportive of my journey.

There you go, my family & an update. We may be a small family compared to most, but we have hearts as big as mountains!

Many blessings,


Lynnette Kraft said...

Hello lovely Allison! I would love to visit you in real life someday too. :)

I know what you mean about being on the other side of the camera - the side that doesn't see us! ha! Well, glad you found one to share. Looks like the perfect relaxing setting too. Thanks for linking up!

Have a beautiful day.


Diana said...

Hi Allison! So happy to meet you and your lovely little family! Well, if you come to see Lynnette someday, you will have to see me, too... she and I only live a few miles apart - and yet haven't even met yet! LOL!

Thank you for sharing with us! =)

Linda said...

Good to see you and your family.
This was a fun idea Lynnette had.

Looks like you are on a boat in
the picture? I love the scenery!

I am Lynnette's Mom. She loves her "Chums" (:>) I was sorry that her Chum gathering didn't work for this year. It would have been fun to meet some of her followers.

Well...I hope you and yours will have a good weekend.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Jenilee said...

enjoyed looking at pictures of your family!