Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello new friends

Sadly, I have a handful of friends who have lost their children. Either at the age of 14 or newborn. No matter what age the child was, they were loved from the very 1st moment. I have been told by these friends that they believe God send them little reminders of their angels. One friend says every time she see a blue bird it reminds her of her son, Tyler.

Another friend shared her children with me today. I feel so blessed. This friend believes that yellow butterflies represent her son and ladybugs or red cardinals represent her daughter. While I will never meet her precious children here on Earth, I have faith that I will one day meet them in Heaven. Yet, today I feel as though I have a little connection with them.

Maybe I just don't usually pay that close attention, but maybe, JUST MAYBE God was sharing these babies with me. On my way home from my friend's house, I noticed a yellow butterfly pass by my windshield. Coincidence? Possibly. When I got to a stop sign, I noticed a BRIGHT red cardinal just sitting. Another coincidence? I guess.

But tonight, while having ice cream with other friends, one of the little girls in our group came over to us. In her hair was a ladybug. I don't think I can call that a coincidence anymore. I believe that I MET those children and God wanted me to remember them in my daily life.

Now, every time I see a delicate yellow butterfly, I will remember Travis. Every time I see a beautiful red cardinal or a tiny little lady bug, I will remember Emily.

I love that through God's creation, I was able to meet my friend's children.

Many blessings,

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Jeni said...

Wow.... I am amazed to have found you.... i wanted a picture of a ladybug and cardinal together to send to my soul sister Jen Dio "Ladybug Whispers" on facebook. I am "Little Red Bird Chirps" on facebook & I found you!!!! love your post - love your blog! I will follow you ~ xoxo