Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Men having babies

As a parent, there are conversations you will eventually have with your children: lying, sex, drugs, dating, drinking, etc. Never in a million years did I think that I would have to explain to my children how a man gave birth to a baby.

From childhood, you learned the story of Adam & Eve. Because Eve dispbeyed God & ate from the tree of knowledge, she was given labor pains (I'm giving you the Cliff Notes). No where in the Bible or throughout history have you ever heard of a man bearing a child. Yet in today's wonderfu world of chaos, that has made headlines.

Many of you know the story - it's been in the news recently. A 'man' on the West Coast was pregnant & gave birth to a baby. How is this possible? Simple! Doctors are playing God!! This person was born a femail & was not comfortable living as a female. So, they decided to undergo hormone treatments & sex change operations so that they could live as a man. They look like a man, act like a man & even sound like a man. 'He' even got married. His wife couldn't bear children, so since 'he' still had his 'girl parts', the decided that HE should become impregnated. WHO THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA!?!?!?!

Somehow my children got wind of this story, so I gently explained to them how it happened. Not a conversation a parent ever thinks they are going to have with their children. I think I would have been more comfortable telling them about the birds & the bees.

Yet again, society has forced me to take away yet another link in my children's armor of innocence. Is it too late to get a house on the moon??

Many blessings,


Anonymous said...

Aren't you NOT supposed to be judgemental since you are an almight holy rolling christian? SOMEONE is born one way and feels it in their soul to be another. WHO the hell cares? Really? You need to read your bible a little better before you go judging people you do not even know. I hope someone in your family turns out gay - ha! Then you'd have to disown them! Grow up. You're pathetic.

Jessica Faith said...

dear anonymous,
that was a REALLY MEAN COMMENT. allison is right, and i suspect you know she's right, because you are being very mean.
all that goes to say, allison, i think you should put comment moderation on here... that person is being rude, mean, and plain hateful.
God bless you and your family,
and may we always remember that men are created men and females are created female and they should STAY THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!
Yes i believe in God and No I'm not afraid to tell ANYONE that.