Saturday, February 4, 2012

They really DO love eachother

Songbird & Slugger have a typical sibling rivalry relationship. The moment they wake up in the morning, they argue: who took the remote, who ate the last of the cereal, who's breathing whose air. This usually continues until its time for bed.

I can't say that my sisters & I had the best sibling relationship growing up, so I certainly didn't have unrealistic expectations for my own children. However, as they get older they seem to argue more. I guess hormones will do that.

This week, hope has been restored.

The family came home from school/work the other day. Due to my new work schedule, as they were headed IN the door, I was headed out. I think we had a 10 minute window of hello/goodbye. The Mayor came in the room while I was getting ready and said that Slugger had been physically bullied at school. Some hoodlum boy twisted Slugger's arm behind his back. What makes this worse is that Slugger wasn't the one who told us. SONGBIRD did!! She happened to be in the cafeteria when it happened. Thankfully, she had the wherewithal to inform the school guidance counselor. We have spoken to Slugger about the situation & the school. The incident has been handled.

The moral of my story is that when push comes to shove, my children WILL look out for one another. That is a comfort. I can't always be there (even though they think I have eyes in the back of my head).

Many blessings,

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Sara Hilzendeger said...

How awesome!! Love glimmers of hope in everyday family moments like that!!