Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hidden blessings

I hate the way my mind works sometime. I often wonder if God is using me in my every day life. I just live. I don't feel as though I go out of my way to do anything special. I'm just me. Because I don't have a super important job, am I really making a difference in this world.

Then God does something to gently (or sometimes not so gently) to remind me that He is in control and He is using me and my abilities. I don't need to be in a position of importance in order to make an impact on this world. I just need to be a light of God's love.

Thank you God for your reminder today. Some days I'm just too self-absorbed to hear your reminders. I'm blessed beyond measure.

Many blessings,

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BARBIE said...

Such a great reminder. We simply just need to be who we were created to be, allowing His light to shine through us in the every day ordinary circumstances. Have a blessed tomorrow!