Thursday, July 26, 2012


Everyone has their own worship style.

Some through study. Others through nature. And still others through serving.


It's all about music for me.

My hubby & I were having a conversation the other day about worship. Why do we worship? Is it to gain favor with God or because we are afraid of Him?

We are called to worship God simply because he is God. Holy, powerful, majestic. He gives us life each day we wake up. We are surrounded by His love through nature. He knows every hair on our head (or lack thereof). He created  us in our mother's womb & has great plans for us.

I feel closest to God when I am listening to music. The old hymns are good... but I LOVE the songs that just cry out to God. You can hear the desperation, the brokenness of the song writer. I can identify with that dark place. The anguish. The pleading. Those songs are always a reminder of His faithfulness. How when we feel our lowest, He is right there with us, carrying us. He doesn't walk beside us. He picks us up. We can lean on His shoulder. Take comfort and rest knowing that we aren't alone. An opportunity to lift my hands in TOTAL surrender to Him and His will.

I also love the fast paced, all out worship songs. The ones that just praise His Holy Name. To me, they are thank yous for His faithfulness. They are a celebration of His power & love. It's an outpouring of love for my Heavenly Father and all that He has done for me. Another way for me to say THANK YOU!

So... what's your worship style?

Many blessings,

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