Saturday, January 28, 2012

Consumer vs. Follower

At church last Sunday, Andy spoke about being a consumer vs. a follower of Christ. A consumer merely is a person who says they are a Christian. Then there's a pivotal moment where they give up their life and become a follower.

That got me thinking about my own life; my own walk w/ Christ. When did I become follower, not merely a consumer. I can't pinpoint the date. Maybe it came from maturing in age as well as spirituality. There are still times where I revert back to being a consumer. I think that's only natural.

I've realized that I am more at peace as a follower. I rely more on God and less on myself. Anxiety is less. My abandonment issues are fairly non-existent. You would think I would simply continue to live as a follower.

Truth is, I sabotage things sometimes. I give my cares & worries over to God and then at some point they sneak back into my life. I take them back. It's not that I don't think God can't handle them - I KNOW He can. It's more like I think that they are so insignificant to Him. I mean, He's got a lot more important things to worry about than little ol' me.

Then reality hits me. I am more than just little ol' me when it comes to God. He think I am important. He loved me enough to create me. My problems are monumental to Him as they are to me.

So, I will try to continue to focus on my relationship... focusing on simply being a follower.

Many blessings,

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