Saturday, April 27, 2013

At peace

For my birthday, the Mayor was super sweet and sent me to Iowa for a week to visit BFF and family. Let me tell you, it was EXACTLY what my heart needed.

I'll admit, I have been floundering in the friend department since BFF and the Professor moved to Iowa a few years ago. Instead of just healthily mourning the change in the friendship, I cut myself completely off from other around me. Looking back on it, that's my M.O. I'd rather close myself off than to possibly risk being hurt again, in the process I hurt myself by lacking in meaningful friendships.

The moment I saw BFF in the airport, EVERYTHING came back. There wasn't any hesitancy in our friendship. Hundreds of miles may separate us, but we are as close as we ever were. 

The visit uneventful. Just got a lay of the land. A glimpse into her new life. Trips to Walmart, Costco, 5 different libraries, the kids' school, multiple places to eat, church & the movies. Typical of what we would have been doing had she still be in Georgia. I also had the chance to meet some of her new friends. 

Ultimately, I needed to see that she was okay. I needed to know that our friendship really hadn't changed. Even if we don't talk every day, the only distance is miles. Nothing else. She is still my best friend. The Professor & I still verbally spar. 

I look forward to my next visit - this time with my entire family.

As I returned to Georgia, I returned with a resolve that I will no longer hide from people. I will do what I can to maintain my other friendships. I will be intentional to cultivate those relationships. It's going to be tough. Definitely something outside of my comfort zone. 

Here's to friendships!!!

Many blessings,

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